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Bill has been so helpful getting us our perfect date! We went and visited the barn and although it wasn’t completely finished, we were absolutely in love with the entire space. The lake, the trees, the barn, everything was exactly what we wanted. Bill worked with us for so long helping us at every turn to make our date possible. Unfortunately, at the time we looked, we were able to say “yes”, however, after a couple of weeks and some moving pieces, we reached back out to Bill and asked if it was still available. Thankfully it was! Bill immediately helped set up a proposal for an all inclusive package (what we wanted) and have booked our date!!



We have not yet had our wedding here, it is April of next year. But so far we are already so in love with this venue and the people who own it. Bill and Taber have been extremely helpful and flexible from giving us tours to helping us pick a wedding date that was perfect for us. They are so personable while remaining professional and I cannot wait to have our wedding here. The venue itself is already so gorgeous, with an amazing lush green and oak tree filled backdrop. It’s secluded enough to where you don’t hear background noise, but is still accessible and easy to get to. Bill and Taber answered so many questions I had without me even having to ask them. Bill is able to have a rustic wedding-feel, while still being compliant; everything built is handicap accessible, which allows more of my family to come and feel comfortable. They also have great options in case of inclement weather, putting us at ease in case there is a Florida rain storm. I would highly suggest this place to anyone wanting a rustic wedding!

Katie P


We booked months ago, and it has been incredible to see everything come to life! From the venue to the staff, The Sugar Barn has been amazing to work with! They are friendly, knowledgeable, and so helpful. We can’t wait for our big day at this beautiful new venue!!

Betsy B
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