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Sugar Barn Weddings at Night

The Barn

The Sugar Barn Wedding

Creating The Magic
The Sugar Barn Wedding Embrace

The Sugar Barn sits on a 45-acre ranch along with its spring-fed, stocked pond, ceremony grove and bachelors cottage, complimented by beautiful lighted, open spaces. Along the south side of the venue, you will see a field of sugar cane, hence the name “The Sugar Barn.”

Its first events began in 2022, with owners having been in the event business for decades. They have developed the perfect location to create lasting family memories.

As you enter the venue, you will notice its grand scale created with Montana Red Spruce beams that were dead and then aged in the forest before being milled. The Barn was built by the Amish and the fireplace mantle is milled from sunken cypress lifted from the Suwannee River which is over 2500 years old. The space can accommodate up to 290 guests and is lit by seven crystal chandeliers. A 45′ stone fireplace compliments the central 8′ crystal chandelier, which adds beauty and elegance to the rustic feel.

Bridal Sweet at Sugar Barn Weddings

The Sugar Bridal “Sweet”

Upstairs you will find the 1200 sq ft Bridal “Sweet,” where you and your bridesmaids can spend the day getting ready for the ceremony, taking photos, having a meal together at a full dining room table and creating memories. The “Sweet” is complimented with a full bathroom with a shower, refrigerator, Kureg, full length mirrors, an 8′ makeup counter, and an antique settee for photos.

Bridge of Love at Sugar Barn Weddings

The Bridge of Love

As we approach the spring-fed pond with lovely flowering water lilies and grasses, we see the beautiful landscaping planted below the majestic oaks. Guests will walk across the bridge to the Wild Orange ceremonial canopy taking in all the beauty of the day.

Grooms Cottage at Sugar Barn Weddings

The Sugar Shack

Down the path from the ceremonial grove, you will find the Sugar Shack bachelor’s cottage. This secluded space is where the groomsmen can gather before the ceremony, get dressed, play cards, have lunch and other activities before the wedding. The cottage is air-conditioned and nicely appointed for the guys to relax, prepare and make memories that will last a lifetime. The Sugar Shack has a refrigerator to keep drinks cold and the boutonnieres fresh, with rocking chairs on the porch. A full bathroom and shower are located directly next to the cottage.

The Wedding Garden at Sugar Barn Weddings

Wild Orange – The Outdoor Ceremony

Wild Orange, where two come together as one. This lush outdoor space surrounded by giant oaks with Spanish moss, is the perfect setting for the wedding of your dreams. With large wooden gates at the entrance, your guests will be amazed as they walk in and see the beauty of this intimate and magical place. After your guest are all seated, the gates will be closed awaiting your grand entrance and walk down the aisle.

Outdoor Patio at Sugar Barn Weddings

Sugar Barn Courtyard

On the East side of the Sugar Barn, we enter a 3200 sq. ft. outdoor entertainment area with market lights, a backdrop of the stone fireplace, views of the sugar cane field and the natural “Old Florida” landscape. The beauty of the Spanish moss-covered oaks creates a soft and relaxing backdrop that can be used for a cocktail hour after your ceremony and before the wedding dinner event.