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Sugar Barn Wedding First Touch

“First Touch” it’s perhaps an even sweeter moment than the “First Look” on your wedding day.

The memorable moment when a couple has the First Touch at the Sugar Barn Wedding.

Create intimate moments for just you and your husband-to-be.

When planning your wedding, there are countless details to consider, especially when outlining your day with your photographer. This is the person capturing moments throughout the day that will be of utmost importance to look back at to relive the emotions.

The traditional “First Look” at the altar has been captured at weddings for decades… You know the moment when the bride turns the corner or enters the space and the groom is waiting patiently. When he has that gaze filled with emotion as he sees his bride for the first time. This tradition has been carried through the years and a fresher, popular movement has been “First Look” as a private, quiet moment before the wedding.

A moment for the bride and groom to still have a surprised look, which can create some inspirational photos and allow them time to truly show their emotions while focusing on each other. “First Look” brings an opportunity to hold each other, calm nerves, and be in the moment before the celebrations begin. This also brings the chance to take many family photos, creating more time at the cocktail hour or simply capturing better daylight for the outdoor shots.

Tradition may be keeping you from wanting to do “First Look” photos which brings us to another option of the “First Touch.” These photos are flourishing in popularity and get some of the most emotional images of the day.

What is “First Touch,” you may ask? These are those sweet moments just before the wedding when the bride and groom are close enough to touch but do not see each other. They are created while leaning on a tree, a door, a beautiful armoire, or simply around the corner from each other. We may find the bride and groom reaching back and holding hands while looking down their arm and just seeing the hand of their fiancé or simply looking down to the ground as they think about the upcoming nuptials. This is a time to hold each other, with the groom gently blindfolded or positioned merely back to back, taking a breath while joining hands, giving a pause for tenderness, a new beginning filled with excitement and love.

These moments captured by your photographer are some of the sweetest of the day for both of you to cherish. These represent you taking time to focus on each other, realizing the day’s importance before all the celebrations begin. “First Touch” photos are pieces of the day in which every bride and groom will look and have a feeling of warmth and comfort remembering that special quiet moment.

Imagine your “First Touch” as a Sugar Barn Bribe.